Terms and condition charging cargo

    1. EXCOLBI SAS . acts as Freight Forwarder, coordinator of shipments and intermediary in the conclusion of the transport contracts object of this offer.
    2. EXCOLBI SAS . It is not a transporter or transport agent.
    3. The customer guarantees EXCOLBI SAS. the accuracy of information about the nature, weight, volume, value, dangerous character, special care and other characteristics of the goods.
    4. EXCOLBI SAS . It is limited to the management in obtaining spaces and reservations since airlines and shipping lines do not guarantee the reservation of space and

    They do not assume responsibility for a possible partialization or delay of boarding. In any case, transit times are estimated and subject to change without notice. The higher commercial costs and logistics and customs operation that this represents, must be assumed by you. EXCOLBI SAS . Nor is it responsible for loss, loss, damage, etc., since the responsibility is direct of the line or carrier transporting and / or the insurance company selected by the client.

    1. EXCOLBI SAS assumes responsibility for the proper selection of carriers and other logistics service providers, as well as for the correct conclusion of the respective contracts, based on the information provided by the client. Their liability is regulated by the rules of the commercial mandate contract with representation. The maximum limit of your liability will be determined in the law applicable to the journey in which the damage occurred, or failing that, one US dollar (USD 1.00) per kilogram of gross weight of the goods transported. EXCOLBI SAS does not accept liability based on the declared value of the goods. In any case, the total and accumulated compensation for any event that EXCOLBI SAS  must pay to the client will not exceed in any case a sum equivalent to US $ 5000.
    2. EXCOLBI SAS no asume responsabilidad por daños y pérdida de mercancías cuando éstas estén bajo la custodia de los transportadores u otros prestadores de servicios logísticos contratados, frente a quienes se realizará la reclamación en nombre y por cuenta del cliente, de acuerdo con la ley que regula cada contrato. Nuestras cotizaciones no incluyen seguro de transporte internacional.
    3. Any claim must be submitted by the customer within a maximum period of 48 hours from the date on which the goods were delivered or should have been delivered.
    4. En caso que por necesidades originadas en la legislación aduanera colombiana, EXCOLBI SAS . expida un documento de transporte multimodal o un B/L hijo, las partes entienden y acuerdan que dicho documento será expedido por EXCOLBI SAS . únicamente para efectos aduaneros, sin que la expedición del mismo altere en modo alguno la responsabilidad de EXCOLBI SAS .
    5. En todo caso, la prestación de los servicios de esta oferta está sujeta a las condiciones del contrato de agenciamiento de carga cuyo texto se puede consultar en nuestro web site: www.excolbi.com




    Favor confirmar aceptación de tarifas para su confirmación y registro en el momento de instrucción de embarque



    Due to the logistical situation in the world and the possibility of generating cost overruns at origin due to roll overs, ETD changes or any other contingency that in any case is beyond our responsibility, these costs will be invoiced to the supplier and in case of not being paid, they will be invoiced

    in destination to the consignee insofar as they constitute expenses related to the attention to the cargo.



    The client knows and accepts that due to the situation of congestion and limited availability presented by ports and transports to return containers to inland yards, and likewise, due to the constant changes in the days off granted for the return of containers by the shipping lines, it is his obligation to submit his requests for return of containers,  at least two (2) business days in advance in order to complete the procedures in a timely manner.


    The client declares that he has been duly informed that the cargo units (containers) are the property of the shipping lines and in this sense, although said carriers may freely grant days of grace for the return of such units; similarly and due to the current market conditions it is feasible that the shipping lines change these delivery times at any time or route of the operation, a circumstance that is totally alien to Benavides Melo. However, the client accepts the operation under such conditions, assumes this contingency and its effects.


    The client states that he has been duly informed and is aware of the situation in port and that it is hindering the search for vehicles to move the loads generating impact on freight and delivery times, a circumstance that is totally alien to Benavides Melo. However, the client accepts the operation under such conditions.



    The client states that he has been duly informed and is aware of the situation in port and that has generated that the carriers are in need of validating their offers day by day, due to the recognized current instability in transport freight rates that has affected the times of

    delivery, a circumstance that is totally alien to Benavides Melo. However, the client accepts the operation under such conditions.


    EXCOLBI is not responsible for changes in the quotation, by legal, customs or police provisions or authorities anywhere in the world, where authorities intervene, own or third party loads, since they are of normal logistics management and that excolbi can not intervene in decisions of authorities anywhere in the world, they will always be in charge and will be invoiced to the client call it shipper or consignee or generator of the load and this same will accept such charges.