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We are exporters of colombian products to any place in the world, with a number of national products for export.


We import goods from all over the world to Colombia, we represent companies in national territory that want to carry out the nationalization process through us.

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We are a colombian company that exports and imports a number of products.


International package and document shipping services, we offer speed, security, customization and tracking of shipments to any place in the world.

And specialized Courier service to Venezuela

Do you need advice?

Excolbi international marketer in Colombia or international trader, excellent solution to your needs.

Call us and receive free advice so that your purchasing processes in Colombia do not have problems or disorders, in addition to not generating additional unnecessary costs when making your purchases in our country.

We are experts

Having us as your marketing company in Colombia, you will be able to make purchases from multiple suppliers and consolidate all the cargo into a single export, lowering your costs at destination.

Excolbi: Colombian Exporter of Goods

Excolbi, Colombian company, we provide export services for any type of merchandise, we consolidate your purchases in Colombia, and we deliver them to your destination country, we export textiles, machinery, flowers, cosmetics, medicines, clothing, art, decorative items, furniture, integral kitchens, sound, mannequins, among many other merchandises.


Excolbi is a reliable company, dedicated to its clients and always, but always there to help its clients in all processes. I have been there for several years and I am always grateful.

Teresa Guarin

Puerto Rico

I have been working with excolbi for more than 8 years, for my company it has been a strategic ally in the area of ​​international shipping and export advice. It has a team of professional advisors, diligent and experts on the subject, they are very fast and reliable. I recommend them 100%.

Lucía Rodríguez


Excolbi, specialized service in international cargo transportation, courier, qualified work team with high experience in logistics, human quality, service to the whole world.

Aerolínea Cargo Pack

Gerente Medellín

Tatimar fashion boutique greatly appreciates the services provided by the Colombian company excolbi sas! Who, through its owner, Mr. Mauricio Gil and his excellent work team, received our products brought from Colombia throughout the year 2019! importing these and transporting them to our destination!! We hope to continue counting on your honesty, responsibility and clarity when doing business!!

Nohora Hamadeh

Curacao (n.a)

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